Welcome to JulyTwo

100% Hand Made in Greece

Established in Athens Greece in 2007, JulyTwo is a creation of pure inspiration, empowered by the beauty and culture of the Mediterranean, with its fine and elegant notes of ever changing seasons and beauty. All of this passion is reflected individual to each piece of clothing resulting in stunning one of a kind creations.


Haute Couture
& Ready to Wear


With the use of only the finest fabrics and its unique one of a kind designs, JulyTwo emerged as the leading brand of "Ready to Wear" and "Haute Couture" in Greece. And all this has been achieved by being fortunate enough to have the beautiful Mediataranean for its inspiration.


The JulyTwo Collections



The Bridal Collection

Welcoming you to the dream of the Mediterranean wedding. Here at JulyTwo we take great pride in our "Bridal Creations", as they are truly part of our heritage and everything that is beautiful here in Greece. Every single dress is unique to itself with every single seem, curve, posture and design meticulously thought out in order to perfectly fit in to the beautiful surroundings of which each dress will eventually find itself brought to life.

It is a true inspiration an honor to be able to be part of one of the most beautiful moments one's life, and in a place which is probably one of the most beautiful in the world. For us perfection of this moment starts and ends with the most beautiful piece of art, the dress.



The Ready-To-Wear Collections

As with all our JulyTwo collections, it all starts from the heart of the main inspiration, its country of origin.

Greece is an all inspiring country of much natural diversity. It is this essence that through its beautiful changing seasons, presents true artists with the gift of constant possibilities of concept and creation. All this is directly reflected through our Ready-To-Wear collections which all wear touches of the Mediterranean spirit in their concept and Design.

Every year we present the world both nationally and internationally with our two collections, one for the Summer and one for the Winter.



The Baby Collection

Here at JulyTwo we make sure that everyone can enjoy our clothes and creations, and that goes for all the children as well. We tailor clothes for all ages here at our atelier form any design from our normal collection. This gives that unique opportunity for the mothers to dress like the daughters, giving that extar wow factor and ofcourse, takes cute to whole diferent level.


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