"Liatiko, Meat the wine" Project.

Just one so different and so ‘provocative’ project came along last week. "Liatiko, Meat the wine” project, with a beautiful new ‘Meat and Wine’ restaurant. The challenge was great, when it actually came to visit this gorgeous place, it became even bigger.

So close to the center, in the suburb of Ilioupoli, this old beautiful stone house pops- up. The decoration inside, a combination of serenity and intensity, giving this fine balance, which you can actually fine in the food & wine once you taste it.

This exquisite outside space, gives you the choice to enjoy your brunch and coffee, with the finest yet substantial meals. Two hidden walls are covered with the most unique paintings, that give you an exotic essence.

Just before their opening, which was on October 11, were so happily asked to design,produce their aprons and wine menus. Honestly, these aprons are more than just a common apron. It’s a work of art. Inspired by the color of wine, and all the fine textures you can actually visualize, once you give the twirl to your glass, getting those wonderful aromas.

A combination of dark brown leatherette,in a simple yet so flattering pattern, and just one so significant and chic golden detail, with the Greek letter ‘λ’ standing out, for “Λιατικο” , which translated in Greek, is a very old red Greek wine grape variety, that is grown on the island of Crete. 

As for the wine lists, or rather wine books, since you can actually find more than 200 ‘etiquettes’, we wanted to keep it simple, just to emphasize on the the most important, the content.

Ok , so enough with words… let’s just take a look on the process, our backstage, our fun moments and a sneak peak of the place.


With love


The” wine list.
Finest details
Fun production moments during our fittings.
Beautiful girl, Eva, with her JULYTWO apron. :)