- Fall Winter 2016 -

The Mångata Collection

It is most probable that many people have seen the beautiful moment the Moon reflects on the Sea creating a magic river of white gold that leads directly to your feet, but never actually knew there was a word that describes this exact moment. Well we present you the word "Mångata". Swedish in origin this word was exactly fit for our winter collection. Bringing that moment of nostalgia and the introduction to the winter season, it defines that moment twhen you begin looking ahead into the winter as your mind wonders to your coming looks and events this season. And all this transition whilst still feeling the warmth of the summer on your back.

For this exact reason this collection was a combination for us with use of heavy fabrics on the skirts yet light from waist above in order to to refine the figure in the area which is of largest importance. And not to forget to maintain our trademark flowers, but in shades of those which belong in the winter and belong there in order give the cold landscape a beauty unique to that season.


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