The Wedding Day

The Magic of a Moment in a Dress




The Wedding Day

It's that time in you life where you are about to live one of the most extraordinary occasions. And of course, for such an occasion, everything needs to be perfect, especially your dress.

First and foremost, every single bride wants to hear that she is so ravishing, magical, glamorous and stunning it gives you butterflies in your stomach.

And for this reason finding a dress that flatters your body, evokes your style and suits your venue is not a walk in the park. 

That is why here at JULYTWO we take great pride in making all of this possible for you, by ensuring that you get exactly what it is you desire and making sure that we make all your dreams come true.


A Wedding Dress Made Just for You

When one decides to have a wedding dress made, of course the first thing that they consider is that what they will wear will directly reflect who they are both for their inner beauty, and for their natural beauty on the outside.

Because all of our dresses are 100% hand tailored her at our Atelier the sky is the limit to what the possibilities are to make that dream come true. Our simple initial lines create a perfect canvas for one to start altering and molding their gown in to their own personal creation, of which will reflect into that one special masterpiece which will be worn on that special day.







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